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Our Mission

“To insure a Fire Safe Oklahoma through Support, Education, Justice and Training”

“The serious losses in life and property resulting annually from fires cause me deep concern. I am sure that such unnecessary waste can be reduced. The substantial progress made in the science of fire prevention and fire protection in this country during the past forty years convinces me that the means are available for limiting this unnecessary destruction.”

-Harry S. Truman 1947 Fire Prevention Conference


The Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission is looking for volunteers to sit on the  2015 International  Residential Code Technical Committees . This committee will review the code and make a report to the commission at the end of the process to adopt the code or codes with any recommended changes. Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Commission and typically their terms will end upon the final action of the Commission on the committee recommendations. We would like to have  Fire Representative on each of those technical committees to help in that area of expertise. I would like to send out a request to your Fire Marshall’s and  Fire Chief’s to see if anyone would like to sit on any of these committees.